Q: Is international airfare ever included?

A: No! Airfare is always booked separately. We offer group airfare from JFK, but members can choose to book individual airfare suffice they arrive at designated time. In addition, you can fly from any state or province in Canada suffice you arrive at the designated time as listed on the itinerary.

Q: What vaccinations are required to visit African countries?

A: Yellow fever is required for some but not all. Vaccination information is also listed in our booking information once a tour is released. For example, Yellow fever is required for Tanzania and Ghana but not for Kenya.

Q: When and where can I take the yellow fever vaccination in the U.S.?

A: Anytime but no less than 10 days prior to your trip. You can take the yellow fever vaccination at any travel clinic in your state. Please consult the following links below.




Q: Do U.S. and Canadian citizens need visas to visit African Countries?

A: Yes! Visa application process and instructions will be included in all booking information for all trips. Duly note for folks with Jamaican or other Caribbean passports visas are not required.

Q: Do we need international medical insurance?

A: International medical insurance is required on all of our trips. Additional instructions will be given on our booking docs. You can consult the following insurance companies for more information – www.roamright.com and www.allianztravelinsurance.com.

Q: Are meals and drinks included in the packages?

A: Our meal/drink plan differs depending on the trip and is noted on each booking doc/itinerary.

Q: Do you offer add-ons or optional tours outside of the packages?

A: Yes, we offer add-ons to other countries or optional day tours for those who can afford to extend their stay or want to utilize free days.

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